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About Lance

Lance is dedicated to supplying scooter enthusiasts with distinctive design and high quality scooters at affordable prices. Headquartered in Mira Loma California, it’s corporate offices include national sales, marketing, product development, customer care support, parts and technical support.



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2004 2006 2009 2010
Lance began in 2004, specializing in entry level import motorsports vehicles. Its success is based and achieved through value oriented motorsports and a relentless passion for constant improvements. In 2006 Lance full line of motor scooters was launched and introduced to franchise and non franchise scooter dealers nationwide. Lance was quickly recognized as offering one of the foremost creative entry scooters, customer care support and best value in the industry.

In 2009, Lance continues its focus on improving quality and value improvements by discontinuing its entire scooter entry line and reorganizing its production through exclusive manufacture partnership with Sanyang Industry Co Ltd. aka SYM in Taiwan. SYM is renowned for its quality and innovation, and is one of the global leaders in scooter technology and manufacturing. 

In 2010, Cali Classic 50/125, manufactured by SYM and exclusively produced for Lance, was officially launched and met with instant praise and success.  The combination of quality, design and value ushered new standards and competitiveness in the scooter market.  Additional models are in development and will continue to be offered to scooter enthusiasts.

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Havana Classic PCH    
2012 2013    

In June, 2012 Lance announced the all new Havana Classic 125, struts a retro pose that suites all tastes. The perfect inner-city commuter, with excellent lines, comfortable and spacious seating and high quality fit and finish.


In March, 2013, Lance announced the all new 2013 PCH 125 and 2014 PCH 50.

PCH is a sporty style scooter, built by SYM, with the same time test engine and build quality as the Cali Classic and Havana Classic 125.



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Mission Statement - Passion to Redefine

Lance and it’s Passion to Redefine starts with superior quality, unmatched performance, and extraordinary value.

Lance redefines quality by setting higher standards from upgrade components to quality control procedures.

Lance redefines performance through innovative research and creative designs.

Lance redefines value by offering superior product and world class service at affordable pricing.

Lance passion is bold, powerful and courageous. It’s character thrives with every detail on the scooter, which translates to a riding experience that reawakens your love of riding the open road.

In the future, Lance will continue to develop new and exciting products and services so we may enhance our customer's joy of ownership and riding experiences.